☀sunny side down


HEHE i’m happy you think so!! / 7 \ piles them in ur arms

ichinese said: screams sunny these are so cuuute

WWW THANK YOU ICHI im so glad////// ichi’s stuff are still way cuter thoo

Anonymous: do you still take requests or are you planning on setting up commissions? :0

hello anon!! recently i got a visa debit, so i think as soon as i figure out online payment i can plan out commissions! for now though its only gonna be requests _(:3 feel free to pop in a couple reqs, i may do them if i have the time!

rainbow puppy ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

general update regarding my tumblr activity!!

first off thank you so much to my followers who are still sticking around even tho ive been inactive for so long??? ; q ; youre so beautiful i love you all

i think i’ll finally be able to break this on-off hiatus completely around june! i’ll get to replying the messages thats been piling up in my inbox now;;; orz

im somewhat more available on twitter @buttermiik so you can check that out if you wanna (´・ω・`) thanks again!!

Anonymous: what headphones do you use?

omg this is kinda random— but i use blaupunkt cn-112 theyre great

guess who B)

guess who B)

Anonymous: is it ok if i use one of your pixels for my blog?? (of course I'll give credit!)

yes its perfectly fine!! thank you for asking and giving credit! ヽ(;▽;)

Anonymous: Hello there! I would like to ask if I can I use one of your pictures as my profile picture? Thank you! :)

yes, as long as you don’t claim it as your own it will be alright!! n __ n thank you for the ask!

it’s getting warmer recently

it’s getting warmer recently

gerome/laurent doodles!

i think their support conversations are very cute… _(:3